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Английские СЛОВА И ФРАЗЫ с переводом #DAILY

Бесплатный видеоурок от Кристины и сайта  fast-languages с популярными английскими выражениями. Полезны для использования во время общения с иностранцами, во время путешествий за рубеж:

In one go: I drank 2 cups of tea in one go and then I was forced to open negotiations.

On the ball: I’m not on the ball in autumn / in the fall.

Nowadays all students appear to be on the ball. According to a survey, 80 % of them want to be entrepreneurs. 

Be dodgy: The weather is dodgy.

There are many dodgy companies in Italy. Mafia bosses rule the country.

 Get hold of : Get hold of the wrong end of the stick.

Where have you been? I couldn’t get hold of you!

 Be tacky: I spotted you buying a tacky dress. I couldn’t resist laughing.

+Christmas sweaters are tacky 🙂 

It’s tacky to do … = It’s not acceptable to do …

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