10 самых крутых фразовых глаголов ТЕСТ

Тест к видеоуроку  10 самых крутых фразовых глаголов. Выберите А В С:

1) Johnny used to peacock (обычно задавался) and then all at once (вдруг) he _____ out .

A.  coped                           B.    copped                        C. cooped

2) Top ___ please! But keep it from brimming over (но не допускай, чтобы переливалось через края):

A.   up                          B.  down                          C. below

3) Only ignorant (невежи) people tend to ____ back. Forgive and forget about them once and for all.

A. punch                            B. hit                           C. kick

4) Let’s ____ out this displeasure and start from scratch (с нуля начать).

A. rood                            B. room                           C. root

5) I’m not averse to ______ ing about with my friends all day long.

A. mocking                           B.  mucking                          C. macking

6) Step ____ it! I’m to be there at 4 am sharp.

A.  on                           B.   in                        C. with

7) You’re a bad bargainer (торговец) – you failed to beat him ____ to 5 gryvnyas.

A. in                            B.  up                         C. down

8) Kids love ______ together for lack of money (из-за нехватки денег).

A.   club                          B.  clubbing                          C. clubbed

9) We were ______ on by a handsome waiter.

A.  waited                           B. wait                           C. waiting

10) Keep your word and never cop____.

A.   up                          B. in                          C. out

Answers: 1B 2A 3B 4C 5B 6A 7C 8B 9A 10C

Cop out = Why did you cop out?

Hit back  = One criticizes the other and The other hits back.

Step on it! We’re in a hurry!

Beat down = We’re about to beat the seller down to 5 dollars.

Top up! I’m starved of drink!

Club together = We have half as much money.

Let’s club together and buy tomatoes and cucumbers.

Muck about = Don’t muck about! You’re wanted on the phone!

Root out = I want to root out the crime! But this wish will never come true.

Wait on = The waiter who waited on ustalked me into eating the shrimp/prawn.

/ 5.

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