Самые интересные фразы и выражения из фильмов. Английский язык по фильмам Кристина Франц

Урок 1 (Золушка — Перейти к просмотру)

This money will see me through the month —

Have courage —

I will keep you company —

It will do —

What do they call you? —

Not your doing —

Off you go! —

I’ll bet —

Урок 2 (Гордость и Предубеждение — Перейти к просмотру)

It is let —

I’ve just had it from Peter —

I have no objection to going there —

He is a man of a large fortune —

I will be in possession by ___ —

It affects me personally —

You are so tiresome —

I’m in want of a wife —

That is my design = plan

I see no occasion for that —

You’re as handsome as Tom —

Урок 3 (Адвокат Дьявола 1 — Перейти к просмотру)

They treated me well —

The whole thing’s been great —

I will set you free —

i couldn’t say — Даже не знаю

I am a prosecutor —

He is convicted of murders —

I didn’t plea out a lot — Особо не шел на сделки

Takes a little getting used to —

You put him away —

The lawyer dropped the ball —

I hear he is brilliant —

I have a clear conscience —

Juries deliberate —

My lips are sealed —

Урок 4 (Адвокат 2 — Перейти к просмотру)

It’s peaceful and I cannot handle it —

He passed away —

My sentiments exactly — Полностью согласен (точно мои чувстсва)

Fill in the resume —

She raised me / brought me up —

What is she like? Is she tough? —

It rubbed off on you —

I’m on parole —

Are we negotiating? —

Summon your talent at will —

Deliver on the deadline —

Урок 5 (Шерлок — Перейти к просмотру)

Expand on your answer! —

Fix the heating —

Plant a bomb —

Stage an assassination —

He is for hire —

The judge will uphold —

Thread —

Урок 6 (Престиж — Перейти к просмотру)

Deck of cards —

Hearts — The Ace of Hearts

Clubs — The Queen of Clubs

Spades — The Jack of Spades

Diamonds — The King of Diamonds

Trump —

LEt’s shuffle the cards —

He wants to tie the knot —

They squander money —

He is complacent —

I scratch heads over it —

He is a topnotch boss —

I’ve had enough of it  —

Go easy on him —

Pardon my intrusion —

Урок 7 (Кудряшка Сью — Перейти к просмотру)

You blew it!! —

Tough!!! = Bandit

That’s not right either —

I’m grateful for it —

He screwed it up —

You came out alright —

Урок 8 (Мышиная Охота — Перейти к просмотру)

You are smart enough

We’ve turned a corner

Scarf it down = Devour

A vermin can bring you down —

It snapped by itself —

The man snapped psychologically —

He mocks us —

I give him much credit —

I like your smoking jacket —

Урок 9 (Великий Гэтсби — Перейти к просмотру)

Across the bay —

It’s a coincidence —

I will wander in one night —

Hr throws parties —

What modesty!

I want to show you around —

Old sport = Friend

Урок 10 (Дневник Бриджит Джонс — Перейти к просмотру)

She is a hard-headed journalist —

I’m committed to going to the USA —

I’ll pop into the shop —

We’ve fucked up utterly —

I’ll be sacked —

I’m delighted with it —

It’s tantamount to betrayal —

Did you fancy him? —

I have a crush on you —

Урок 11 (Сверхи — Перейти к просмотру)

He went through the trials —

I sure as hell hope not —

We are getting cagey —

I’ve come up with options —

You’re hanging by a thread —

You’re missing the point —

Hop in the car! —

Урок 12 (Карате Пацан Джеки Чан — Перейти к просмотру)

I was freaking out —

My number 1 asset is.. —

I have a jet lag —

It’s blurry —

Stand still ! —

Tastes differ —
















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