Future Perfect TEST EXERCISE

Привет, дорогие друзья! Рада видеть вас у себя на сайте. Тест по английскому времени FUTURE PERFECT.

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future perfect
1. I will have ______ the cup by the time you show up.
2. We will have _______ the homework by then.
3. Will you have ______ a desicion before I make it?
4. Peter will have ________ his work by 5 am
5. I will not have ________ a cake by the time you return.
6. Girls will have ________ this thing by Wednesday.
7. Kitty will have _______ the cupboard by the time you come.
8. Boys will have ______ a book before my arrival.
9. Dogs will have ______ barking by then
10. Guys will have ______ me by the time you open your mouth.

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