Будьте здоровы АНГЛИЙСКИЙ

Слова на тему «Здоровье» в английском языке. Хорошо ли вы их выучили? Проверим! Подставьте слово! Элементарный тест! С Богом!


I have been running for 2 hours and now my dogs are _____

When I get upset I look off- _____ : my face is pale

Her sister coughs and she can’t utter a word — she has a ____ in her throat

Do you take any ____now? I mean, are you on medication? — If so, you gotta report it to your doctor

We are in the pink, we fought ___ a cold!

The weather is awful and I am bit under the _____ too

If you eat fruit, you will never _____ from any allergies and you’ll be full of ____ as well

Nowadays most people don’t have a _____ bill of health

I’ll be up and about soon — I’m ____ the mend. — Good! I’m sure you’ll pull _____

Спасибо за внимание. Просмотреть ролик снова.


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