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выучили следующие устойчивые выражения с артиклями (3):

take a fancy – почувствовать расположение 

Kate doesn’t have the slightest idea why we took a fancy to that cunning boy.

be at peace – быть в мире

First of all, you should be at peace with yourself and your family, it’s ok if you’re at odds with someone.

take to heart – принимать близко к сердцу

Don’t take it to heart. On the whole life’s wonderful and life is worth living.

in the deaad of night – темной ночью, глухой ночью

It’s a pity you called me in the dead of night. I was reading a book when you did it.

in pursuit of – в погоне за

In pursuit of fame young ladies are ready to do anything.

on the initiative – по инициативе

The contract is drawn up on the initiative of the chairman.

in defiance of – вопреки

In defiance of all expectations, he proved to be a reliable man.

be at a loss – в недоумении

At present she’s at a loss what to do next. Her boyfriend wants to go to sea.

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