Английские СЛОВА И ВЫРАЖЕНИЯ: get round to +…

Легкий урок английского языка посвящен английским разговорным фразам. Смотрите бесплатные видеоуроки от Кристины на ютьюб канале christina fast languages:

Get round to (+ ing) = A TASK

I didn’t get round to it yet!

It’s been 5 years since we cleaned up the pantry.

I’ll get round to making (getting) that filthy and dusty place sparkle!

Be fussy ( = picky/ choosy/ hard to please)

Women are fussy over clothes.

Most women in our department are extremely fussy about whom they go on a date with.

Make a fuss (over/of your dog, your clients)

Our future (prospective) son-in-law has been recently invited by our daughter.

She won’t stand us making a fuss over him.

Own up (to + ing)

Own up to the … theft/ robbery/ mugging/ shoplifting/burglary!

Own up to eating my bar of chocolate!

I could murder (about food)


A piece of cake

A cup pf tea (cuppa)

Sea food

Dairy products

Beef / pork (cold pork) / chop / veal / duck

Наш ютуб канал

/ 5.

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