Devil’s Advocate 2 Английский по фильмам (перевод предложений на английский язык)

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А теперь перейдем к переводу предложений с русского языка на английский. Как всегда, ярким цветом выделяются ключевые слова из фильма.

 1. I wonder why the prosecutor dropped the ball. — He may have had sentiments of pity towards/ for the accused.
may+have+3p = «возможно» в прошедшем времени.
might + have + 3p = «должно быть».
Можно перефразировать попроще: Probably (maybe) he had sentiments of pity…..
2. They made him fill in the resume as soon as possible / He was made to (!) fill in …
3. Are you on parole? — No I will serve my time in prison until mid-summer.
No, I will be doing my time/term until midsummer (процесс).  DO TIME = serve time
4. As he never delivers on his promises, we can’t rely on him. Stop negotiating with him!
5. Holy sh*t! I nearly passed away (I all but passed away/died). Take these jars of apricot jam out of my way!
6. Were you raised in a strict way (Did your parents raise you…) ? — Yes, my mother was (is) very tough.
7. What do you think? Is it worth working in a poultry plant? — Only if you can handle(endure) hen clucks and all the rest.
8. Your relatives were always crazy about UFO. It didn’t rub off ? * Didn’t it rub off on you, did it?
9. Do me a favor! Squeeze some juice out of a lemon and bend a straw for me to feel comfortable.
10. If you want to get to know that girl better, you’ll have to do your best for it.
11. I wish I lived in a calm and peaceful place. = I want to live / I’d like to live/ I’d rather live…

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